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LIST OF DOCUMENTS TO BE SENT TO: Embajada de la India Calle 116 # 7-15 Int.2. Of.301 Torre Cusezar, Santa Bárbara de Bogotá, Colombia
Criteria for Intern Visa as follows::

(i) For internship with Indian companies / Educational institution /NGOs  (Including AIESEC interns).

(ii) The Intern Visa will be granted immediately after completion of graduation/post graduation but the gap between the completion of graduation / post graduation and the commencement of the internship should not be more than one year. Applicable within one year of completion of graduation / post-graduation for internship with Indian companies, educational institutions & NGOs.
(iii) Period of Internship: Maximum one year.

(iv) Intern Visa not be applicable for the following sectors: Defence, Telecom, Space, Technologies, Construction/strategic infrastructure projects, mining, Civil Aviation, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Exploration, Private Security agencies, Human Rights, Nuclear energy, Environmental issues and Dams.

(v) Registration under FRRO is mandatory within 14 days of arrival in India if applicant is staying for more than 180 days.
(vi) Under no circumstances, the foreign national will be allowed to take up employment in India immediately after completion of the internship programme. Conversion of the Intern visa into Employment Visa or any other type of Visa will not be permited. In case the foreign national receives any offer for employment in India, he/she will have to go back to the country of his/her domicile and apply for Employment Visa at the Indian at the Indian Mission/post concerned  

  1. 1) The passport with a minimum validity of one (1) Year with at least three continuous blank pages
  2. 2) Duly filled application form with signatures and photo uploaded. White background photo uploaded into the system. White background photo 5x5cm pasted to the form. It has to be signed on both pages (in the 2 spaces required) (On-line application form)
  3. 3) Invitation letter of internship from Indian companies, educational institutions & NGOs with the period of internship specified. This letter also issued by Indian company / educational institutions / NGO concerned sponsoring the foreign national for the internship programme clearly indicating the period of the internship. Letter must mentioned remuneration, internship with a company would require a minimum remuneration of Rs. 7.80 lakhs per annum. There will be no minimum salary limit in the case of internship in educational institutions and NGOs 
  4. 4) Letter issued from Indian companies, educational institutions & NGOs, mentioning that they will ensure departure of the foreigner in completion of the internship. The foreign national have to exit before the expiry of the Visa. An undertaking should be obtained from the company / organization concerned that they will ensure departure of the foreigner on completion of the internship
  5. 5) Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration Under societies Act from from Indian companies, educational institutions & NGOs
  6. 6) Aiesec Organization’s Acceptance Note (If he/she is AIESEC Applicant)
  7. 7) AiesecStudents’s Acceptance Note (If he/she is AIESEC Applicant)
  8. 8) Personal bank statements of the past three months with a minimum balance of $ 2,000,000 COP
  9. 9) In case, your spouse/parents will be responsible for your expenses, please attach a notarize letter stating responsibility for trip expenses along with the copy of the birth registration or marriage certificate.
  10. 10) Flight ticket reservation
  11. 11) Copy of International Yellow Fever vaccination certificate
  12. 12) Signed Consent Format (Download here)
  13. 13) Original bank deposit slip

Fees you can be found at:

Payments In Colombia
Banco Itaú
Original deposit slip
Account’sname: Embajada De la India
Account’s number: NO. 007-396-807
Account’s type: CuentaCorriente

Payments in Ecuador
Account Number USD: 726-00151-6
BeneficiaryAddress Calle 116 no 7-15 of 301. Bogotá, Colombia
Name of Beneficiary Bank in Colombia: BancoItaú (part of Corpbanca Bank)
Beneficiary Bank Address Carrera 7 No. 27-18, Bogota Colombia
Swift Code Beneficiary Bank in Colombia: BCTOCOBB
Intermediate Bank: Citibank, New York
Swift Code Intermediate Bank: CITIUS33
ABA 02100008
International bank transfer in OUR mode

DHL payment is optional USD$50 (Made also by bank transfer)
Note: All interbank and commission fees must be covered by the Applicants, which are usually from USD$20 to USD$50