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¡Important Notices!

Use of ZIP Code

With effect from Jan 1, 2015, all applicants from Colombia and Ecuador applying for Visa and Consular Services are required to indicate ZIP Code along with their postal address for facilitate easy dispatch of serviced documents. Information about the ZIP Codes: in Colombia is available here or visit In Ecuador at

E-Tourist Visa

The e-TV facility, launched by the Government of India on 27 November 2014 has been extended to Colombian and Ecuadorian nationals. Click here for more information.

Important notice for  all Visa applicants (Update: 9th October 2014)

  1. Please go through all the requirements for type of visa you intend to apply for.
  2. Please apply for the right type of visa only and furnish all the essential documents.
  3. Non-submission of complete documents is likely to result in rejection of visa/ delay in Issue of Visa.
  4. For all type of visas for more than 6 months, please consult the Consular Section of Embassy of India, Bogota: E-mail:;
  5. Business visa is normally granted for 6 months. However, the applicant can apply for longer duration from one year to five years subject to discretion of the Embassy.
  6. Purchase of air tickets does not guarantee issue of visa.
  7. Visa cannot be claimed as a matter of right and decision to grant visa/ type /duration rests with the Embassy. Visa fee once paid cannot be refunded in any circumstances.

Important requirement of Yellow Fever Vaccine in respect of travelers from Colombia and Ecuador

It is necessary to have Yellow Fever vaccination for travelers from Colombia and Ecuador to India irrespective of age. There have a few instances that some travelers from these countries had to be quarantined in India at the Airport on arrival. It is, therefore, in the interest of individual concerned to have the Yellow fever vaccination 10 days before actual travel to India. Any passenger arriving in India from a Yellow Fever endemic country within 10 days of vaccination against Yellow Fever will be quarantined for 6 days counting from the date and time of departure from the airport of the endemic country or the time when the certificate becomes valid, whichever is earlier. The Embassy of India will not be responsible in case some person is detained at the Airport/s for not following the above instructions for having Yellow Fever Vaccination.


Embassy of India, Bogota Calle 116 no 7-15 of 301 Int 2 Torre Cusezar Tel. 6373259, 79, 80

Important notice

With effect from Jan 1, 2014, the Embassy of India, Bogota (Colombia) has started accepting visa applications directly from Colombia and Ecuador nationals for various categories of Indian Visa, collection of visa fee and return documents to applicants subject to payment of courier charges. The courier charges are to be paid by the applicant to the courier agency directly over and above the prescribed fee for the type of visa applied for. All applications will be assessed and decided by the Consular Section of the Embassy of India, Bogota. The decision to grant or refuse a visa is solely at the discretion of the Embassy of India, Bogota (Colombia). Visa fee once deposited cannot be refunded in any circumstances.


  1. Step 1: Click, “All about Visas” – Select your visa category as per purpose of your visit; do not purchase tickets until you are granted a visa; The Embassy shall not be responsible for any liability in case of delay/ non-issue of visa.
  2. Step 2: Complete your application online and print your visa application. Click here to start the Electronic Visa Application Form.
  3. Step 3: As per your visa category, check the documents required, fees and visa duration Step 4: Sign the form in 2 places and ensure that the photos are strictly as per the specifications (size 2” x 2” i.e., 5cm x 5cm with white background) to send along with your passport

Receipt/Delivery of Passports

  • Receipt of Visa applications: 0900 hrs. to 1200 hrs.
  • Delivery of Passports with Visa: 1500 hrs. to 1600 hrs.

All about Visas

  • General Information
  • Banking Information
  • Processing time

All foreign nationals, including children, require a visa to enter India. The only exceptions are nationals of Nepal and Bhutan who can enter India without a visa. (Note: Nepalese nationals need a visa if entering India from China).

Visa fees once deposited cannot be refunded even if requested service is modified or not granted. Validity of the visa begins from the date of issue. Please keep this in mind while applying for visa for India. Foreigners entering India on long term visas valid for more than 180 days should follow the relevant registration formalities. All persons who hold Student Visa, Employment Visa and Research Visa which are valid for more than 180 days are required to get themselves registered with the nearest Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) or Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival in India.

For all other types of visas which are valid for more than 180 days, registration is required only if the person plans to stay for more than 180 days on any single visit. This registration should be done at the earliest but definitely before expiry of 180 days from the date of entry into India.

Children below 16 years are exempted from Registration formalities.

General Information

  1. Download application form.
  2. The applicant must attach all the requested documents on the first page of the application form.
  3. Under aged applicants must attach notarized liability letter from at least one of their parents.
  4. The Embassy only accepts sponsorships among parents & children and between spouses. In every case, the applicant must attach proof of marital status or birth certificate.
  5. The Embassy will only accept applications complete in all respects including enclosures. Bank deposit slip for the consular fees must be attached along with visa application.
  6. Applicants with double nationality must attach copy of both of their passports. The applicant is free to apply on any of the passports.
  7. The visa process for nationalities other than Colombia and Ecuador is different, and takes at least five working days after the application complete in all respects is accepted by the Embassy.
  8. The bank statements should be in the name of the applicant. For business visas, the applicant must also attach the company's bank statements.
  9. The applicant's passport should have at least four continuous blank pages in order to stamp the visa and its validity should be at least one year.

Please find below the Banking information:

Please note that personal cheques, company cheques would not be accepted.

For payments in Peso for Applicants applying within Colombia:
Bank Name: Banco Itaú
Bank Account holder: NO. 007-396-807
Account type: Cuenta Corriente
Bring/send original deposit slip

Applicants applying from Ecuador / Payments made by bank transfer:

Account Number USD: 726-00151-6
Beneficiary Address Calle 116 no 7-15 of 301. Bogotá, Colombia
Name of Beneficiary Bank in Colombia: Banco Itaú (part of Corpbanca Bank)
Beneficiary Bank Address Carrera 7 No. 27-18, Bogota Colombia
Swift Code Beneficiary Bank in Colombia: BCTOCOBB
Intermediate Bank: Citibank, New York
Swift Code Intermediate Bank: CITIUS33
ABA 02100008

The visa fee does not include bank commission charges and Courier charges. These are to borne by the applicant in addition to the prescribed visa fee.

Processing Time

Processing time varies from application to application at the sole discretion of the Embassy of India in Bogota and some applications may take longer than others to get processed. Hence, please confirm your travel plans only after obtaining the visa. Here are some estimated processing times under normal circumstances:

  • Visa Applications submitted in Bogota from Colombian nationals will take minimum 2 working days to get processed. Applications submitted in Ecuador will take a minimum of 5 working days. (The same time period is applicable for Colombian nationals residing in Cali, Cartagena & Medellin and other places in Colombia from the date of submission of Application).

Applications in the following cases may take longer (minimum 1 to 2 weeks or more) to be processed:

  • Non-Colombian passport holders residing in Colombia for less than two years. (minimum 5 working days)
  • Pakistan nationals, or foreigners of Pakistani origin (Minimum 2 weeks)
  • Nationals of Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan (Minimum 5 working days).
  • Clearance from Indian Mission in the country of visa applicant (not resident in Colombia and Ecuador) is mandatory.

The Embassy reserves the discretion to ask the visa applicant/s to visit the Embassy for personal interview with the Consular Officer.

The time frame for visas is indicative only and subject to fulfillment of all essential requirements for specific type of visa applied for and payment of prescribed fees. Issue of visa may take little longer in certain cases.

"Please note that the validity of visa starts from the date of issue and not from the date of travel". This aspect may, therefore, be kept in mind while applying for visa and purchase of air tickets. Application once submitted to the Embassy and fees paid cannot be withdrawn/ refunded even if applicant cancels his plans to visit India or is denied visa by the Embassy.

Note: The Embassy of India, Bogota is open on working days from Monday to Friday. Please check the holidays under the general information.

Receipt of Visa applications: 09:00 hrs -12:00 hrs Delivery of Passport: 1500 hours to 1600 hours.


The Embassy of India endeavors to render prompt and efficient service and welcomes comments/ suggestions about the visa services rendered to the visa applicants from Colombia and Ecuador. This will enable the Embassy to take corrective steps/ remedial measures in case of any deficiency in service rendered.

For any general information kindly e-mail us on: In all cases, please provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact address,
  • Telephone number and E-mail address
  • Your comments/suggestions
  • In case of any complaint regarding issue of visa, please provide the following additional information:
    • Your Date of Birth
    • Type of Application
    • Any Application reference number(s)/Passport Number (s)
  • We assure to revert to you as soon as possible.

Categories of Visas

Tourist- T- Visa

A Tourist Visa is granted to those foreigners intending to visit India for tourism or recreational purposes valid up to 6 months. (For Person of Indian Origin applicant, validity can be more than 6 months). The Tourist visa issued by the Embassy is not extendable in India and the applicant has to leave India before the expiry of the Tourist Visa. Change of purpose in case of a foreigner travelling to India on Tourist visa is not allowed.

Tourist visa for longer duration can be considered at the discretion of the Embassy in respect of reputed Travel agencies/ Tour operators taking tourists to India.

For those going in a group (Other than Organized tour) - Visa is issued to a group going to visit India for any excursion or camp or organization. Each member of the group would be issued a visa on their respective passports.

Requirements for issue of Group Visa:

  • A list of all applicants with details of their names, name of Group leader, passport & age.
  • An undertaking by the group leader for return from India by all the group members.
  • No objection letter from parents in case of minors.

For Tourist Visa:

Tourist visa is not extendable beyond its specified validity. Each Stay not to exceed 180 days. The tourist visa will be granted for a maximum period of 6 months.

Documents required: Original bank statements showing following minimum balance in the savings and current accounts must be submitted along with the visa application: Colombia: 2,000,000 Colombian pesos Ecuador: USD 2000.

Business Visa- B- Visa

Who Can Apply?

Business Visa is normally granted up to 6 months. However, in case of businessmen doing business with India, prominent businessmen, it can be issued for more than 6 months with maximum validity up to 5 years.

5 year business visas can be issued to CEOs, entrepreneurs and businessmen who have Joint Venture/MOU or similar long-term business commitments in India requiring frequent visits over extended periods. Brief profile of the Company may be submitted for business visa for more than 6 months.

Applicants are required to submit an invitation letter from the Indian company /Business partner or alternatively a letter from the Colombian company (the Employer), Chamber of Commerce detailing the purpose of the visit.

For Emergency/Urgent Business Visa Applications: The applicant should preferably approach the Embassy personally explaining the urgency for the business visit. Subject of fulfillment of essential requirements for issue of Business visa, Visa will be issued up to 6 months on payment of emergency fee in addition to the normal fee for business visa for 6 months.

Conference C-Visa

Who Can Apply?

Conference visa for attending international conferences, seminar, workshops, etc will be issued to the participants subject to submission of the following documents along with the application:

  1. Invitation letter from the organizer/s
  2. No objection/ Clearance of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India
  3. Administrative approval of the concerned Ministry of Government of India
  4. Political clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs and clearance from the State government concerned wherever applicable.

Conference visa is issued to applicants attending International Conferences/ Seminars organized by the Ministry or Department of the Government of India, State Governments etc and the maximum duration for the Conference Visa is 3 months. Applicants attending business Conferences/seminars/workshops organized by the private business organizations in India are required to apply for Business visa only.

Employment- E-Visa

One year employment visas for first- time employment in India is processed by the Embassy. All cases of renewal of Employment Visa or change of Employer in India need to be processed in India as per the requirement of the concerned FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Office). The Embassy will not entertain any renewal cases.

Medical- M Visa

Medical Visa can be issued for those seeking to go to India for specialized medical treatment in recognized and reputed hospital/treatment centers or to assist Ashrams or for International seminars/conferences, medical congress etc. Medical documentation or Invitation letters to the events may be submitted to the Embassy, which can be contacted for further details about the duration of medical visa at email ‘’ or Tel No. 6373259 Applicants from nationalities other than Colombia and Ecuador may please contact the Embassy before applying for visa on medical grounds on’ or telephone NO. 571-6373259 / 80.

Entry Visa- X Visa/Family

Visa Applicants visiting close Relatives in India can apply for a Family Visa.

Research Visa- R- Visa

Applicants accepted for Research work for the projects approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government as well as Universities or Government recognized Institutes can apply for Research visa. Please consult the Embassy directly before applying for Research Visa.

Student Visa- STV Visa

This visa is issued to students willing to pursue further education at recognized educational institutions/ Colleges/ Universities in India.


  • Bank statement of parents is required with a minimum balance exceeding $ 4,000,000 Colombian pesos
  • Documents such as diploma - degree certificate or similar must be translated to English
  • Original letter of admission to be submitted along with the visa application.

Transit- TR Visa

Duration: 15 days single/double entry only.


  • Application form duly filled in Capital letters, Two recent photographs-front pose.
  • Yellow fever certificate.
  • Confirmed Air-Ticket Emergency visa is issued on payment of emergency in case the Mission is convinced about the urgency of the proposed visit.

Passport Return Procedure

Passports with visa can be returned by the following modes of delivery:

Counter Delivery:

Processed passport(s) can be collected from the Embassy of India, Bogota by the applicant personally or his representative subject to submission of an authorization letter from the applicant. Applicants/representatives of the applicants are required to produce original receipt issued by the Embassy.

Please note: All applicants are personally responsible for their receipts. Delivery of passport(s) would be done to the bearer of the original receipt. Loss or theft of receipt may be reported to the Embassy immediately.

Please note that the collection timings of passports at the Embassy of India, Bogota with effect from 1.1. 2014 will be 1500 hours to 1600 hours.

Courier Delivery:

The services of a reliable Courier company may be used by the applicants for submission of visa applicants as well as return of the passports with the Indian Visa. Whereas, the Embassy does not recommend any specific courier company, the services of DHL or any other company may be used at the discretion of the applicants and the Embassy will not be responsible for any delay caused due to the Courier Company.

Other visas:


Please see the following link for the holidays to be observed by the Embassy of India, Bogota in 2017:

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